19 cozy gifts for the hygge lovers in your world — or yourself

Illustration by Giordano Poloni / For The Times; animation by Jess Hutchison / Los Angeles Times

Growing up — and, well, still to this day — my parents have always made sure to give me at least one cozy gift. Whether it’s a new set of pajamas, which my siblings and I are usually asked to wear for photos on Christmas morning, or several pairs of socks.

Because who doesn’t need new socks? Or they get me an oversize coat. Keeping me snuggled up and warm is one of their many ways of saying I love you — and (in that parental way) don’t catch pneumonia because you didn’t bundle up.

From mini portable fireplaces to weighted blankets and crochet beanies, here’s what to wrap up and give to the hygge obsessives in your life.

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Lusso Pelli slides

A pair of gray Lusso Pelli slides

Your giftee can slip into Lusso’s Pelli shoes, which are so comfy they will want to wear them everywhere they go. Thankfully, the slippers, which are made of the brand’s signature triple stack technology that hugs your entire foot, are fly enough to wear inside and outside of the house without shame. One reviewer said the slides feel “like walking on marshmallows.” The unisex shoes come in 32 colors and designs to fit your unique style.

$135 at Lusso

Soul Food Candle Co.

The Cocoa Butter BBY candle from Soul Food Candle Co.
(Soul Food Candle Co.)

When founders and life partners DeMarkus and Ko Trinidad-Williams launched Soul Food Candle Co., they set out to help other queer Black and brown people feel seen and represented within the household space. Not only have they accomplished this, but their candles also transport customers to another space through nostalgia associated with smells, like your mother lathering your entire body with cocoa butter as a child or feeling unstoppable after getting a fresh haircut just in time for the weekend. Or maybe it’s buying a cup of agua de horchata at your favorite taqueria or opening up a new pair of kicks. For extra cozy vibes this winter, we recommend their most popular scent, Cocoa Butter Bby, which has notes of warm spices with jasmine and amber.

$24-$34 at Soul Food Candle Co.

Unlikely Fox crochet beanie

A colorful crochet beanie by Unlikely Fox
(Unlikely Fox)

It’s no secret that crochet pieces — whether it’s a beach cover-up or runway-ready dress — are having a moment. When it comes to the cool kids in L.A., though, they’re most likely rocking an Unlikely Fox beanie. Just ask rap superstar Kendrick Lamar, who was spotted wearing one recently. Created by L.A.-based designer Krysta Grasso (a.k.a. Fox), the beanies are one of one, meaning no two are alike. Grasso, who learned to crochet from her late mother whom the brand is inspired by, hand-dyes her own fabrics and uses a combination of materials such as recyclable acrylic fibers, mohair, merino wool, silk and cotton to create the head-turning, colorful hats. Among her most popular designs is the fox-ear beanie, which is oversize and resembles a fox’s ears.

$190 at Unlikely Fox


Dash Express Mini Donut Maker

Dash Express Mini Donut Maker with an assortment of mini doughnuts

Get crafty in the kitchen with Dash’s Express Mini Donut Maker. The compact machine makes seven mini doughnuts in just minutes and is so easy that a kid could do it. Just prepare your dough, add the batter to the nonstick plate, press down the lid — and voilà, you or your loved one will have yummy doughnuts that are great for snacking and entertaining. The kit also comes with recipes for apple cider, banana bread and confetti doughnuts to help you or your favorite baker feel like an expert pastry chef.

$39.99 at Dash

Hanahana Beauty shea butter

A green jar of Hanahana Beauty shea butter
(Hanahana Beauty)

With its tagline “Don’t Be Ashy,” Hanahana Beauty is a body butter on the market that’s worth talking about — and for good reason. The Black-owned company ethically sources its shea butter from Katariga Women’s Shea Cooperative in Tamale, Ghana, and uses all-natural oils to leave a person’s skin feeling moisturized and glowy. My favorites are the rich amber vanilla and refreshing eucalyptus shea body butters. Grab one full-size jar for $32 along with a TSA-approved mini for $12 to ensure that your giftee is never ashy.

$32 at Hanahana Beauty

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Flikr Fire personal fireplace

A flame rises out of the Flikr Fire mini fireplace
(Flikr Fire)

Give the coziness of camping outdoors and roasting marshmallows on an open fire with Flikr Fire’s mini fireplace. There’s no need for wood. This petite yet mighty fireplace, which is made with cement, is extremely easy to use indoors and outdoors. All you have to do is pour roughly five ounces of 70% or 91% isopropyl alcohol — don’t use bioethanol or any gelled fuels — into it. Then use a long-handed lighter or match to spark a flame. It comes in a sophisticated round or square design with a few color options for the fireplace’s base and lid.

$99 at Flikr Fire

Bathen robe

A colorful robe from Bathen
(Anisha Sisodia)

Although Bathen’s robes are designed for you to throw on once you’ve stepped out of the bathtub, they’re chic enough to wear poolside or when you or your giftee pick up a latte from your neighborhood coffee shop. The woman-owned brand works with skilled artisans based in Guatemala and India to create the incredibly soft robes, which are made of 100% cotton. The striped robes, which come in vibrant colors, are unisex and come in one size that fits up to a U.S. dress size 16 (double check the measurements on the brand’s website). Complete an after-bath look with Bathen’s matching hair wraps and scrunchies or remove the belt from the robe and pair it with jeans and a white tank top for a casual on-the-go look.

$145 at Bathen


Atlas Tea Club subscription

Three tea selections from India, Burma and Guatemala from Atlas Tea Club
(Atlas Tea Club)

Transport your loved one to Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal or Japan with a sip of Atlas Tea Club’s subscription service, which delivers loose leaf teas from 50-plus tea-producing countries in the world, straight to his or her doorstep. The monthly service, which costs $99 for six months and $189 for 12 months, is perfect for all tea lovers as each box of tea offers tips on how to prepare it and note cards on the history, culture and community that makes that daily cup possible. To get started, all you have to do is select your preferences (such as herbal blends or pure teas). Your giftee can enjoy a tea exploration from the comfort of home.

$55 for three months, $99 for six months and $189 for 12 months at Atlas Tea Club

Silk & Snow weighted blanket

A blue weighted blanket from Silk & Snow
(Silk & Snow)

To effortlessly float into REM sleep, snuggle underneath Silk and Snow’s hand-knitted, weighted blanket. Crafted with 100% natural cotton, the blanket’s weight is evenly distributed and feels like a warm embrace from a loved one. One reviewer said, “I highly recommend these blankets for helping ease insomnia. Not too heavy, just right.” The blanket comes in eight colors, including blue, ginger and chestnut, and ranges from eight to 25 pounds. Experts recommend getting one that’s roughly 10% to 15% of your overall body weight.

$150 to $260 (price varies on size) at Silk & Snow


Still Life Ceramics soup bowl

Still Life Ceramics soup bowl
(Still Life Ceramics)

Warm meals like ramen, pho, soup and chili are the perfect companions for a chilly evening spent indoors. Your giftee can pour a favorite dish into Still Life Ceramics’ large soup bowl that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also deep enough to fit a hefty serving without spilling over the sides. Each of the bowls are handmade by Ana Henton and Mel Keedle, owners of Still Life Ceramics, and they are different from one another. But if you’d prefer to make a bowl to give as a gift, you can take Henton and Keedle’s one-hour class for $60. Don’t worry if you’ve never taken a pottery class before, it’s targeted to beginners.

$48 at Still Life Ceramics

Supervsn Studios hoodie

Supervsn Studios hoodie

With inspiring messages like “High-frequency vibrational energy,” “Self-realization fellowship” and “Trust the Vsn, not the algorithm” embroidered on its clothing, Supervsn Studios has created products that are designed to not only make you look and feel fly but that influence you on a deeper level. The same can be said about the Los Angeles-based brand’s starburst zip hoodie, which is made of 100% heavyweight cotton French terry. Order the hoodie online or pick it up in person from Supervsn Studios’ new flagship store in Windsor Hills.

$165 at Supervsn


Topicals faded under eye masks

Topicals'  under eye masks

There’s a reason why the TikTok girlies have been raving about Topicals’ faded under eye masks. The Barbie-pink eye patches, which are doused with hydrating and hyperpigmentation-fighting ingredients (niacinamide, kojic acid and caffeine), help fade the appearance of dark circles and puffy under eyes to help people looking refreshed. (The brand claims that you can look awake within 15 minutes, but what we know for sure is that the patches are perfect for someone’s stocking.) For an extra cooling effect, refrigerate the eye patches and kick back as they work their magic. For stubborn under eye discoloration, you might consider following up with Topicals’ holy grail faded serum.

$22 at Topicals

L.A. Times Plants X P.F. Candle Co. limited-edition California native plants candles

Three candles from the new collaboration between L.A. Times Plants and P.F. Candle Co.
(P.F. Candle Co. / Los Angeles Times)

Inspired by the intoxicating aroma of California native plants, this limited-edition collaboration between P.F. Candle Co. and L.A. Times Plants offers three soy candles: Jeffrey Pine, influenced by Pinus jeffreyi with notes of ponderosa bark, vanilla bean, juniper and campfire; California Black Walnut, influenced by Juglans Californica with notes of lime leaf, green moss, walnut husk and black amber; and Cowboy Cologne, a common nickname for the sweet-smelling Artemisia Californica, or California sagebrush, with notes of blue sage, vetiver, cypress and rosemary. The candles are sold separately or as a trio. — Lisa Boone

Starting at $24 at P.F. Candle Co.


Brooklinen pajama set

A blue pajama set with red piping from Brooklinen

On those lazy winter Saturdays when the only plan is to catch up on a Netflix series, lounge in a pair of Brooklinen Marina pajamas. Known for snuggly sheets, Brooklinen’s jammies are just as impressive. The lightweight pajamas are made with cushiony soft, fine cotton fabric and adorned with thin piping and two side pockets on the bottoms. These are a solid sartorial gift. Your giftee won’t feel ashamed when they have to run outside to grab their Uber Eats order — their loungewear will be posh enough to wear both indoors and outdoors.

$198 at Brooklinen

Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto

Book cover of “Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto” by Tricia Hersey
(Little, Brown Spark)

In this fast-paced society, many of us don’t know how to rest. No, we’re not just talking about the shut-eye you get after a long day’s work. We mean rest in terms of giving your mind, body and spirit a break without feeling guilty about it. In her debut book, “Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto,” which was published last fall, Tricia Hersey (a.k.a the Nap Bishop and founder of the Nap Ministry) breaks down why rest is a divine human right for all people, and she urges us to release ourselves from the tight grip of our grind culture. Buy this book for your loved one at one of L.A.’s many independent bookstores.

$27 at the Salt Eaters Bookshop


Foozie slipper socks

A blue pair of Foozie Move slipper socks
(The Foozie)

Give the gift of relaxation and take it to the next level with a pair of Foozies. From afar, they might look like your standard fluffy socks, but once you slip them on, you’ll quickly realize that they’re more like a wearable cloud for your feet. Made with a flannel fleece outer lining and sherpa fleece on the inside, the Foozie not only feels fluffy on your feet and ankles thanks to its design, they’ll also keep you warm. Available in seven colors, they make the perfect stocking stuffer.

$39 at the Foozie

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Mayde Worldwide sweatpants

Orange sweatpants from Mayde Worldwide
(Mayde Worldwide)

Mayde Worldwide sweatpants aren’t like your typical sweatpants. Made with cotton fleece and a ruched waist, the unisex bottoms are meant to be worn everywhere — on the couch, while you’re on errands around the city, during long flights or road trips, and even when you’re hanging out with friends and family on Christmas morning. The founder of the brand, L.A. native and fashion multi-hyphenate Aleali May, wanted the sweatpants to feel like an “everyday luxury” piece that’s elevated and versatile for whatever your plans are. The bottoms come in several colors including coral, black, olive, cobalt blue, pacific (a medium-toned blue), sand and sunshine yellow. Give them as a gift or pair these sweatpants with one of Mayde Worldwide’s tops, which includes hoodies, ribbed tank tops, sports bras and T-shirts.


$165 at Mayde Worldwide

OHOM Leiph self-heating teapot set

OHOM’s Leiph self-heating teapot set with ceramic vessel and pad

Take a moment to relax and unwind with OHOM’s Leiph self-heating teapot set. The ceramic company, which is known for its sleek and thoughtfully designed self-heating mugs and self-purifying water bottles, launched a teapot that easily brews your tea and keeps it warm. All you have to do is add your tea and hot water to the ceramic vessel, place it on the OHOM pad, let it brew before savoring every sip. The petite but mighty teapot, which can hold up to 13.5 fluid ounces, comes with two matching tea cups. Another plus is that the OHOM pad doubles as a cellphone charger — just be sure to place your phone face side up. (Also, consider OHOM’s latest Ui Mug Artist Collection, a beautiful self-heating mug that’s been designed by skilled ceramic artists.) The teapot comes in various colors.

$98 at OHOM

Lunya weighted silk sleep mask

Lunya weighted silk sleep mask

Lunya is best known for its aesthetic lounge sets that look like something fashion aficionado Carrie Bradshaw would wear. But have you ever tried one of the brand’s weighted silk sleep masks? Made with 100% Mulberry silk and available in three colors (gray, tan and black), the elegant eye covering is weighted to help you drift into REM sleep. You can even throw these eye coverings in the freezer and afterward wear them to reduce eye puffiness or help ease headache tension. One reviewer perfectly summarized how the masks feel: “You know why babies sleep so well? They have their blanket wrapped around them, nice and snug. Now picture that, but for your eyes.”

$90 at Lunya


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