The L.A. Times 2023 holiday gift guide


What makes a house or an apartment building or an Airstream trailer or a yurt a home for the holidays? Sure, it’s mostly the people (and pets) you share it with. But it’s also the well-considered gifts given and received.

This year’s Gift Guide is filled to capacity with delightful suggestions for all kinds of nest-feathering, dresser-filling, bookshelf-filling, pantry-stocking and stocking-stuffing that’ll hit home.

We’ve got nifty gifties to relax your stressed-out friends, presents that pay it forward, gifts for the gadget geeks, experiences to get folks out of the house and others guaranteed to keep ’em cozy when they get back.

Want to purchase meaningful gifts for the holidays? Head to one of these Los Angeles gift shops highlighting local makers and independent brands.

Nov. 1, 2023

Need to grab a white elephant gift for that office holiday party? Or maybe you’re looking for something special made right here in L.A.? We’ve got you covered there too.

And if you really want to leave the comfort of your stylish abode and brave traffic, we’ve got an extensive list of the best independent gift shops across the Southland where you can score your holiday swag and more.

Now let’s get out there and get gifting!



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