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Bestcovery's Lululemon Align Leggings Review

LuluLemon Align Highrise Pant title card with model

Are Lululemon's Leggings Worth the Hype?

If you're on the hunt for a new pair of leggings, a quick Google search will tell you that Lululemon is one of the best brands. They now have thousands of reviews raving about their quality and comfort. But are they worth the hype? That's what we're here to answer! Bestcovery put these leggings to the test by wearing them during workouts, errands, and around the house. Here's our honest review of what makes them great, how they can be improved, and whether or not to invest in a pair.

Disclosure: Lululemon sent samples of their Align High-Rise Pant to review.

A Little About Lululemon

Lululemon is a well-loved Canadian athletic apparel and lifestyle brand. Chip Wilson founded the company in 1998, though it started as a design and yoga studio. The first standalone store opened in 2000 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company opened its first U.S. store in 2003 and has been making waves in the athletic apparel industry ever since, with hundreds of stores now opened worldwide.

What Product We Reviewed

For this review, we had the opportunity to try one of Lululemon's most popular products: the Align High-Rise Pant. These leggings have a reputation for being exceptionally comfortable, buttery-soft, and versatile.

Lululemon Align High-Rise back view

Align High-Rise Pant Cost

The Align High-Rise Pant comes with a premium price tag of $98. We were a bit wary of the high price point but know that a good pair of leggings is worth the investment if they're comfortable and last a long time.

Lululemon Align High-Rise front view

Overall Fit and Function

Some reviews suggested sizing up, especially in smaller sizes. However, we didn't have any issues with sizing. The Align High-Rise Pant is true to size and fits like a glove. They have a high waistband that keeps everything in place, even during vigorous exercise. We noticed that the band also stays in place through all types of movement. It never rolled over or fell during workouts, even while running, doing sit-ups, or squats.

Lululemon Align High-Rise back/side view

Style and Material

The Align High-Rise Pant is made with Weightless Nulu™ Fabric that's buttery-soft. It's so soft we actually felt like we weren't wearing pants most of the time. This lightweight material was great for intense workouts or long hours in high temperatures. Even though the fabric is thin, we still feel it's pretty high-quality. However, we didn't love that "not wearing pants" feeling during casual wear.

Lululemon Align High-Rise side view

Why Do These Leggings Work?

These leggings are perfect for exercise. Unlike many other leggings that tend to slip down or have a waistband that rolls during intense workouts, these stayed securely in place while we tested them. We also didn't encounter any issues with them bunching at the ankles. They remained smooth and comfortable throughout our training sessions.

The Align High-Rise Pant was good at wicking away moisture. With some leggings, it's common for the material to stick to the legs because of sweat or humidity. However, with these leggings, we stayed dry during workouts and didn't notice any sticking. Their lightweight material also offered a refreshing feel, keeping us comfortably cool, even in hot temperatures.

The softness of the fabric is also worth mentioning. These leggings are remarkably comfortable, making them great for more than just the gym. Because of the soft and cozy fabric, they're perfect for lounging and relaxing at home. Whether you're working out or winding down, the luxurious feel of the fabric adds an extra layer of comfort to your day.

Why Don't These Leggings Work?

There were a couple of things we didn't love about the Align High-Rise Pant. First, there aren't any external pockets. There is a hidden pocket in the waistband that can hold cards or keys, but it's not big enough for phones. We also noticed that keeping large keychains in this pocket was uncomfortable during exercise.

Our other biggest complaint was pilling. These leggings seemed to pill after only a couple of wears and one washing. Pilling is common for most leggings, but we expected better quality for the higher price tag. However, they seemed to go longer without pilling when worn more for casual wear and lighter workouts.

Overall Pros and Cons

Like most other products, the Align High-Rise Pant has both pros and cons. Here's a summary of what we found good and bad about these leggings.


  • Incredibly soft
  • High waistband
  • Buttery material
  • The waistband stays put while exercising
  • Keeps everything in place
  • Great for all activities, from intense workouts to lounging


  • No external pockets
  • Using the inside pocket can be uncomfortable
  • The inner thigh started pilling after one wash
  • The buttery soft fabric may be uncomfortable during casual wear

What’s the Verdict?

Though they have some disadvantages, we agree that the Align High-Rise Pant from Lululemon is worth the hype! These leggings are incredibly soft and fit perfectly. The lightweight material is great for exercise and provides relief from the heat. They seemed to wick away moisture to keep us dry during workouts and didn't stick to our legs even after a fair amount of sweating. If you're okay with the lack of external pockets and some slight pilling, these will be an excellent companion to your workouts, errands, or lounge days. Interested in trying these leggings out? Find them here!

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