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Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk Review

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Does This Highly-Rated Desk Deliver?

We all know by now — sitting for hours on end doing desk work can really take a toll on your body. A standing desk is an effective way to take the pressure off your back during a long stint, allowing you to stand up and stretch and decompress those discs. But which type of standing desk is worth your investment? In this review I’ll go into detail about my experience with the Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk 54x26, and why it ranks so well on the market.

Disclosure: Vari sent a sample of their Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk, 54 x 26 to review.

Comfort Equates to Better Output

The Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk 54x26 is a high-quality, sturdy, and relatively affordable standing desk that delivers significant enjoyment and comfort to your workspace. This is critical because studies show that when your workspace is optimized for comfort, you’ll experience improved concentration, better task performance, and you’ll feel happier mentally and physically! With this in mind, an investment in a top-quality electric standing desk makes sense.

How We Tested

For my review, I used the desk for three weeks, 8 hours each workday in my role as a graphic designer, testing its functions and usefulness. This included:

  1. Testing and observing the functionality of the desk’s electronics and motor.
  2. Assessing the comfort and quality of the desk’s materials and manufacture.
  3. Considering the purpose of a standing desk and spending time standing up and sitting down.
  4. Reading about and comparing features,prices and reputations of other standing desks on the market.

Delivery and Assembly

When your Vari is delivered in two boxes, you’ll get the sense that it is heavy-duty equipment. This is a serious commercial-grade desk that’s built to last! If you’re taking it up multiple flights of stairs, you may need someone to lend a hand. Assembly is a cinch and takes about half an hour, and all tools are provided.

First Impressions Post-Assembly

  • Well, that was easy! And how nice is it?!?
  • The dimensions seem versatile — not too big, not too small.
  • The overall profile is streamlined, but the legs have a reassuringly sturdy stance.
  • LOVE the feel and appearance of the “Light Wood” laminate desktop surface.
  • The accessories it comes with are a nice touch (bag/earphone hook, Vari-branded cable organizers).
  • This desk is SOLID and strong — it’s not going anywhere.

Dialing in at the Desk

Height Control Pad

Close up of the Veridesk Ergo control panel

During assembly, a control pad is slid into a bracket on one side of the desk (you can change it to the other side if you prefer). This pad features four customizable desk-height presets. There is nothing confusing about setting your presets, and additional up/down buttons allow you to fine-tune your desk height when needed.

Leg Casters

Close up of the Varidesk Ergo support beam

If your floor is a bit wonky, each corner of the leg structure has an adjustable caster, so you can make sure your Vari Standing Desk is perfectly level.

Cable Organization

Close up of the Varidesk Ergo cable grommet

If you are particular about having very neat cable routing, this is where some time, planning, and probable trial and error are needed. Standing desks tend to leave cables visually exposed, so it can take some planning to figure out how best to run your cables. There are desktop passthroughs (coffee mug-sized holes with plastic caps that allow cables to pass through). You also must provide enough slack to allow for up-and-down desk movement. The addition of a clip-on hook for headphones also keeps the desk looking tidy.

Varidesk Ergo's desk clip-on hook

Monitor Placement

Vari desk at Standing Height on blue background

How many monitors do you use? If you use only one monitor on a conventional stand, your laptop or desktop will easily fit side by side. If you use more than one, you may need to purchase a double monitor arm, which can conveniently clamp onto the rear edge of the standing desk. If you use two monitors on stands or risers, plus a laptop, you’ll find they will not comfortably fit. Either way, a monitor arm is a useful tool, and Vari does sell an attractive, affordable one if you want to stay on-brand.

After a Month of Use

What did we experience?

  • The ability to stand up during meetings and at certain points in the day incites physical activity and is a back-saver.
  • People admire this desk and are impressed by its appearance, elegance, and function.
  • The top laminate surface has an indescribable smoothness that is soothing and easy on the skin. It just feels lovely!
  • The contoured “waterfall edge” along the front of the desk relieves pressure on the wrists.
  • The motor is powerful and quiet.
  • The height presets are accurate and useful.
  • A monitor arm is a useful addition.
  • An anti-fatigue mat to use when standing is a must.
  • Untidy cables have the potential to detract from the overall aesthetic.

One Month In: Is the Desk Still Impressive?

In the case of the Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk 54x26, this is a resounding “yes.”

For professionals who typically sit for hours on end, this will get you moving and make you consider your posture, giving you options to optimize your position throughout the day.


The ergo standing desk’s adjustability via telescopic legs makes it very comfortable to use because you’re not limited to one position. And the laminate surface is soothing and hard-wearing. The beveled chamfer leading edge is where your wrists rest, but I cannot imagine the surface wearing out in a hurry.

Strong and Quiet

The motor is quiet and does not affect nearby colleagues. Online videos demonstrate that the motor can easily raise the desk surface even with a 200lb person lying on the desk. It can easily handle your large monitors plus other desktop items. Other market-leading standing desks I have used flex forward under the weight of elbows, but the Vari Standing Desk does not flex in any way. It is firmly planted, does not wobble, and easily extends enough to accommodate tall people.


Close up of the beveled edge on the Varidesk Ergo

Health benefits aside, the Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk 54x26 is an attractive addition to a workspace. We experienced many colleagues coveting this desk and showing interest in what it is and how it works. The light wood surface is refreshingly easy on the eye, and the faux grain is visually realistic, though it can’t be felt. The standing desk looks classy, professional, and elegant.

This Desk Is a Winner. Does Vari’s Brand Reputation Reflect This?

Close up of the Vari logo on the Ergo desk

Vari is no knockoff brand — it’s a pioneer of office space solutions. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and serves 98% of Fortune 500 companies. Its online reviews are consistently strong — the Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk 54x26 we tested averaged 5 stars across 85 reviews on the Vari website. In short, this is a brand you can trust for a quality product, and the Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk 54x26 is a worthy cornerstone for any workplace or home office environment.

Overall Value for Money?

There are certainly larger and much more expensive standing desks on the market. But for home use or offices where space is a consideration (and even when not), the Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk 54x26 is more than capable of accommodating most computer setups. This desk does not feel small, and it is solidly built, with a sense of durable quality and style.

There are cheaper options, too. The standing desks that sit atop an existing desk are common, but in the long run, they are less space-effective than a dedicated desk. In my experience, their novelty wears off, and they become impractical and annoying.

If you are a professional who wants to improve your posture, this standing desk, coupled with a quality chair, anti-fatigue mat, and monitor arm, will help get your body mobile and your arms and head in a healthy, upright position to stay focused, productive, and happy. Before my review, I used to sit at my desk each day for up to 8 hours, and experienced lower back stiffness. After three weeks with this standing desk, using it to take standing “breaks,” I have noticed a distinct improvement in my back.

At around $800 retail, this is a definite “recommend” for the Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk 54x26.

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